Google has introduced an exciting update for educational content creators, making it easier for students and teachers to find and utilize educational videos through Google Search. This update involves the use of “Learning Video Structured Data,” a way to provide detailed information about the content of educational videos.

Google Unveils Update: A Breakthrough for Educational Videos

Understanding Learning Video Structured Data

  1. Enhanced Search Experience: By including specific structured data in your educational videos, such as the educational level, concepts, and skills covered, Google can better understand and categorize your content. This results in a more tailored search experience for learners, helping them find the most relevant videos.
  2. Information Chips: The structured data can also enable the display of ‘information chips’ alongside the video search results. These chips can include key details like the educational level of the video and its type (e.g., overview, solution video).
  3. Feature Availability: This feature is available globally in English on both desktop and mobile platforms. It’s specifically designed for academic learning content.

How It Works

For Single Learning Videos

  • The structured data should include elements like the video’s name, description, educational level, and alignment with educational frameworks (e.g., Common Core standards).

For Learning Videos with Multiple Clips

  • In addition to the above, you can specify different segments of a video, such as clips for problem walkthroughs or concept overviews, with details like the start and end offsets for each clip.

Problem Walkthrough Videos

  • These should include specific properties that detail the problem being addressed in the video.

Impact and Benefits

  1. Better Content Visibility: Educational content creators can expect increased visibility and accessibility of their videos in Google Search.
  2. Enhanced Learner Experience: Learners can more easily find videos that match their educational level and specific learning needs.
  3. Structured and Organized Learning: The ability to segment videos into clips allows for a more structured approach to presenting learning materials.

In summary, Google’s update revolutionizes the way educational videos are discovered and used, making it a win-win for both content creators and learners. By harnessing the power of structured data, educational videos can now be more effectively integrated into the digital learning ecosystem.