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Essential SEO package for startups

Start from $199.99

Ideal for new startups or small businesses looking to get a foothold in their market. This package includes basic SEO tools and services that help improve your website's visibility and search engine ranking. Focus on foundational SEO strategies such as keyword research and on-page optimization.


  • Basic keyword research and implementation
  • On-page SEO optimization for up to 10 pages
  • Monthly analytics reports


  • Access to website backend
  • Approval of content changes
  • Initial SEO audit report to establish baseline

Start from $499.99

Designed for growing businesses that need more advanced SEO strategies. This package includes everything in the Starter, plus additional features like technical SEO and content marketing to drive more traffic and conversions.


  • Detailed keyword strategy development
  • Technical SEO adjustments
  • Content creation and optimization for SEO


  • CMS access for technical optimizations
  • Collaboration on content strategy
  • Bi-weekly progress meetings

Start from $999.99

Targeted at large businesses or those in highly competitive industries, this package offers a comprehensive suite of advanced SEO services, including custom solutions for complex issues and continuous optimization.


  • Advanced keyword research including competitor analysis
  • Complete technical SEO overhaul
  • Dedicated SEO specialist for ongoing optimizations and strategy adjustments


  • Detailed access to all digital assets
  • Ongoing collaboration with marketing and IT departments
  • Regular strategy reviews and adjustments


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