In a recent update to its documented ranking systems page, Google has removed four ranking systems from the list, sparking curiosity about the significance of these systems in the search engine’s ranking algorithms.

Among the removed systems are the page experience system, mobile-friendly ranking system, page speed system, and secure sites system. While some SEO experts have long argued that these ranking algorithms had minimal impact on search rankings, Google’s decision to remove them from the list seems to lend credence to this viewpoint.

Google’s decision to remove these ranking systems raises questions about their relevance in the past, and whether they were ever considered significant in the company’s search ranking algorithms. Let’s take a closer look at the removed systems:

  • Page experience system
  • Mobile-friendly ranking system
  • Page speed system
  • Secure sites system

Google recently announced that it would be dropping the page experience system, shifting its focus from a distinct ranking system to a more general concept. This change raises further questions about the importance of page experience signals like Core Web Vitals, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, and non-intrusive interstitials in search rankings.

In response to queries about the removal, Google clarified in its FAQs, “While not all of these [signals] may be directly used to inform ranking, we do find that all of these aspects of page experience align with success in search ranking, and are worth attention.”

Google further explained the implications of this change for the “page experience update,” stating that the update was designed to highlight key aspects of page experience for site owners to concentrate on. Specifically, it introduced Core Web Vitals as a new signal that core ranking systems took into account, along with other page experience signals such as HTTPS. However, the update did not establish a separate ranking system or combine these signals into a single “page experience” signal.

In light of these changes, website owners and SEO professionals should continue to prioritize aspects of page experience that align with search ranking success. While Google’s decision to remove these systems from its documented ranking list suggests they may have had a minimal impact on search rankings, they remain valuable components of a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy.