Apple Search Engine
A snapchat of Apple Search integrated with Siri

Many are expecting good news at Apple’s WWDC (aka World Wide Developer Conference). “On Monday, June 6 we’ll hear about the search engine,” Scoble said.

Robert tweeted, “Oh, and a new search engine is coming too. Will Siri finally get ‘smart?’ Hmm!”

This minor point regarding augmented reality was made by Robert Apple has more interest in what to expect about augmented reality. It is possible that instead of seeing Apple Glasses, we will soon see iPhone X lenses and Google Daydream VR Headset from Apple.

In the year 2014, Apple started slowly to show signs of getting into web search. It started first with patches of an Apple Spider – Applebot. Eventually that became a full-fledged bot in 2015 and it was revealed by the company. They also mentioned that John Giannandrea left Google to join Apple in 2018.

What does this announcement mean for Siri? Will it just mean that Siri will get better at answering questions, or will Apple be crawling and indexing the web in a bigger way? Then will Apple be able to compete with Google and Microsoft Bing, and if so will they succeed in removing share from Google?

FYI, Google paid Apple a billion dollars in 2021 to have control over their search engine. Because it is so valuable to Google to control when someone uses the internet on their Apple device, they were willing to pay that much.